LETTER:More funding needed for green energy

Reader says prime minister full of empty promises

LETTER:More funding needed for green energy

As an unwilling Canadian taxpayer shareholder of the Trans Mountain pipeline, I have been waiting in vain for clarity on Prime Minister Trudeau’s senseless promise to use profits from the pipeline expansion to fund clean energy projects.

More funding for clean energy projects is needed right now, yet “I’ll do it later if you re-elect me this fall” is one of his emptiest promises.

It’s hard to imagine any future profits from the expensive and justifiably hindered fossil fuel albatross that we all own, due to his reckless purchase.

While Trudeau delays facing the facts of climate change, endangering us and missing opportunities to lift us all up by modernizing our energy and employment actions, other candidates are forward-thinking. For example, the NDP has already released a realistic and complete platform called A New Deal for People that includes significant climate plans that leave no-one behind.

Climate change is the defining issue of this year’s election and our planet’s future, so we seek trustworthy candidates that speak up for us, especially those willing to work together to unite environmental and social justice.

Constance More, Langford