LETTERS: A little roundabout etiquette

LETTERS: A little roundabout etiquette

All too often, I find myself guessing which direction a vehicle is going to take while I’m trying to exit Evergreen Mall.

Will they turn right into the parking lot or will they go straight?

More often than not, drivers do not signal to indicate whether they are going to turn into the parking lot, or go straight, or towards the Royal Bank, and I’ve missed my chance to exit.

So here is a little etiquette to help you navigate the roundabout:

First, locate your turn signal doohickey usually located on the left side of the steering column.

Secondly, flip it up to turn Right and down to turn Left.

When exiting the roundabout, you will always be turning right, so therefore, your signal should be flipped into the “up” position when exiting (even when you are going straight through).

If you find that your turn signal has ceased functioning altogether, simply go to www.amazon.com and order a 1.5 litre container of Blinker Fluid, good for up to 6,000 blinks and it’s only $7.95.

Tami Meikle