LETTERS: A terribly designed parking lot

Reader doesn’t like new parking lot at Evergreen Centre

LETTERS: A terribly designed parking lot

I want to congratulate SEAPARC as it’s about to open a new facility with workout equipment, meeting spaces, and multipurpose rooms. The design of this facility is outstanding.

The engineers, architects, project managers, and workers have ensured the parking is adequate and people can enjoy visiting this masterpiece.

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On the other hand, Evergreen Centre is also undergoing an upgrade. A structure is rising out of the ashes from the 2013 fire. The parking lot has also taken on a change.

Each time I visit Shoppers Drugmart, Western Foods, Subway, Bosley’s, or my doctor I wonder to myself: What in God’s name are they doing to this parking lot? and What on Earth were they thinking?

For a time as the new curbs went in, I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been cut off on the road, and nearly hit. Nobody knows what the right way to go is anymore. It’s poorly designed and an absolute mess.

The parking lot has made me move from shopping at Evergreen Centre and take my business to the Village Food Markets area.

Even the new wheelchair ramp in front of Shoppers Drugmart is incorrect. No wheelchair will be able to navigate the asphalt rise.

The immediate right turn to get to the liquor store up to the doctors’ offices barely fits two vehicles passing through. By the doctors’ office, Life Labs and Fields is that now a two-way or still one-way? And if it’s one-way, which way? Honestly, I hope these changes are only temporary. But with the permanent curbs in place, I got a feeling what you see is what we’re getting: a terribly designed parking lot for the patrons of Sooke.

Let the ICBC claims begin.

Rod Holt



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