LETTERS: An amazing community – but for just one day?

LETTERS: An amazing community – but for just one day?

Re: Appreciation and garbage (Our View, Aug. 23)

Regarding the idea for a Moonfist Day, I think it is a great idea, but I feel most are missing the point, except for Coun. Ebony Logins.

Moonfist Day should not be about cleaning up garbage, but should be a day to celebrate selflessness, kindness and caring for our neighbours and community, the Art of Giving Back. To give more than you take, that is Sifu Moonfist’s legacy!

What Sifu Moonfist demonstrates is what the ancient masters called The Way, as written in the Tao: being enlightened to the fact that all living things are connect and we should all care about and appreciate all that is.

Imagine a day where everyone celebrated caring and did something nice, whether it was to smile, help out, volunteer, (yes, pick up garbage) run an errand for a neighbour or just chill out. Make Sooke “Bedford Falls” for a day instead of “Potterville.” (It’s a Wonderful Life)

Sooke is an amazing community, but why for only one day?

Ron Taggart


Re: Island slo-pitch leagues adopt helmet rule after tragedy (Online, Aug. 24)

This is such an awful thing to happen. I’ve played in the Sooke slo-pitch league for a few years now.

Last year while running to second base I was hit in the upper back with a ball being thrown really hard. It took me down so fast.

It could have easily been my head.

The welt on my back lasted for several days. In fact, the imprint of the ball was there a week later.

It may be softball but when a play is being made we are throwing the ball pretty hard.

Helmets should be mandatory for next year. I’ll be wearing one.

I sure hope this guy recovers.

Lindsay Gail