LETTERS: Antiquated voting system must change

LETTERS: Antiquated voting system must change

Re. Tom Fletcher’s More NDP myths to be shattered (B.C. Views, April 4)

The author laments the typical change of government reviews, policy changes, “going in the opposite direction”, etc.

Our antiquated first-past-the-post electoral system entrenches such oppositional behaviours every time the party in power changes, because each government usually has less than 40 per cent of voter support.

A proportional representation system (30 per cent of votes = 30 per cent of seats = 30 per cent of power) encourages thoughtful governance and civil discourse by requiring cooperation among parties that represent a true majority of voters. A more stable, centrist and democratic government results.

We have a great opportunity in this fall’s Electoral Reform Referendum to install a modernized made-for-BC PR voting system. Let’s do it!

Constance More