LETTERS: Bring Prime Minister statues to Sooke

LETTERS: Bring Prime Minister statues to Sooke

Before writing this letter, I thought I would wait a week or two until all the excitement and debate around moving the John A. Macdonald statue died down a bit.

First, let me say that I think moving the statue may have been the wrong thing to do without proper consultation from not only Victorians, but from all British Colombians.

But this is not my reason for writing.

I would like the citizens of Sooke to consider asking for the statue and have it placed at the roundabout. Say what?

If we are going to remove this statue, one would think that the remaining sixteen Prime Ministers who were also involved in the residential school atrocities would have theirs removed as well.

Sooke, here is a golden opportunity to have all of these statues placed throughout the district, with plaques explaining some of the history, native bands’ concerns, and with the names of some of the First Nations peoples who suffered from this part of Canadian history.

This would let all Canadians know that we in Sooke are tolerant and completely in favour of reconciliation with all members of this country.

Duncan has the totems, Chemanius the murals, and Sooke could have the Prime Ministers’ walk. Just think what kind of tourists would come to visit such a display.

Just to note: I too attended a residential school, in Inuvik, N.W.T.

Murray Lambert