LETTERS: Build the library for the future

Letter-writer urges officials to build new library for the future, not the past, or present.

Congratulations to Mike Hicks and Kerrie Reay for finally securing a commitment to build a library for the rapidly-growing Sooke area. As the March 22 story (Library Location Finalized) noted, it’s taken at least seven years to reach this point.

One concern is the size of the new facility. The now-defeated SEAPARC site would not accommodate a 10,000-square-foot library. While official renderings of the library aren’t ready, let’s hope that the new building is at least 13,000 square feet, particularly since the March 22 Sooke Mirror also carried the story, District council urged to move ahead on major town projects.

Both Sooke’s mayor and CAO noted that Sooke is growing well above the national growth rate, coming in as Vancouver Island’s second fasting growing municipality.  When Juan de Fuca residents are added, the library will serve almost 20,000 people.

So, please ensure the new library is built for the future, not the past, or present. A library that’s not much bigger than two McDonald’s restaurants won’t satisfy the reading appetite of Sooke-area residents.

Don’t be like the shortsighted Sooke School District, which built lovely new schools that were overfilled within one or two years of operation.

Shannon Moneo, Otter Point