LETTERS: Councillor has right to hold back allegiance

LETTERS: Councillor has right to hold back allegiance

Re: Councillor to pay false allegiance (Letters, Nov. 7)

I did not inherit a French name when I was born as the writer did. However, I became a real French Canadian after my first winter on French Canadian soil. I speak both official languages.

The people of Quebec always made my family feel welcomed, and because of this is why I stand up for Tony St-Pierre.

The letter-writer complains about St-Pierre refusal to swear oath to the Queen. She even implies the reason for his position could be interpreted as someone who does not feel Canadian.

In other words, she calls him, a separatist when there’s no fact proving such subliminal accusations.

Instead of publicly attacking him, and consequently, attacking the rest of Quebec citizens who refuse to pledge allegiance to the Queen, she could have done her homework. She could have asked St-Pierre about the things important to her during his political campaign.

Ironically, and like the writer, I inherited a birth name. My great-great- grandfather, William Cranwell, was sent from London to Uruguay as counsel. However, regardless of my English ancestry, I, like millions of other people in Canada and around the world, do not support having monarchs.

Nevertheless, if St-Pierre’s reason for refusing to pledge allegiance to the Queen was due to a separatist’s pain, he is right to feel this way.

Shame on your letter writer.

Margarita Dominguez



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