LETTERS: Doggie do flattens boardwalker

LETTERS: Doggie do flattens boardwalker

To the person who allowed their dog to relieve itself of whatever they ate previously on the public boardwalk – thanks. I now have a very sore shoulder and arm from slipping on your dog’s mess and falling into it. ‘

My dignity was assaulted, so were my senses and my body. I also bonked myself on the head, had to walk to the water to try and get the stink and poo off and risked falling into the basin leaning over to get the largest portions off my clothes. It would be funny if it didn’t hurt so much.

Not only could you have picked up the steaming mess or used a stick to get it off the path, you could have planted a warning flag in it. And don’t say you didn’t know your pooch was leaving a heap, your dog must have been a large one and you must have had it on a leash.

I have friends who carry an air gun to alert people that their pet just defecated on a public walkway, lawn or path. I will now personally holler and point and embarrass you into picking up after your dog.

We all love our pets but with having one comes a responsibility for the dog and other people.

Thanks to you I lost sleep from the pain, I am stiff and sore and angry as hell.

Please if you are going to walk your dog on public access carry a doggie bag and use it!

Pirjo Raits