Letters: Drinking water threatened

The spill off into drinking water creek worries Shirley resident

In Shirley, the harassed and sad — vacant and forlorn— Shirley convenience store sits 100 feet up from a culvert that goes under the highway, to divert the highway ditch runoff into Goudie Creek — the drinking water creek.

If an accident should occur and a chemical spill enter that ditch, or a dead deer or general construction  garbage, the essence of it enters Goudie Creek.

If someone gets sick from drinking contaminated water as a result, I would expect that, not only would the Shirley water insurance not cover the event, and the liability fall on the principals and shareholders, but there might even be criminal negligence implications.

My $200,000 question is this: Why does this filthy ditch divert into Goudie Creek — the drinking water creek?

N.E. MacNab