LETTERS: False and misguided assumptions

Re: Sooke council’s fecklessness (Letters, July 26)

Lorien Arnold’s notions about Sooke council’s “fecklessness” in supporting tidying up the area around the Welcome to Sooke sign are misguided and based on false assumptions.

Based on the discussion at the meeting, my support was to tidy the area so that everyone, including the longstanding Sooke citizens who hang out there on a regular basis, can enjoy it. I listened to what Mayor Maja Tait said about addressing the whole area at some point and needing to clean the area before she called for the vote.

I never said a word on the motion so to assume these motives is incorrect. In fact, I would like to see more comfortable seating like a picnic bench there instead of rocks.

Not that long ago a delegation of other Sooke citizens appeared before council to propose cleaning up the area and we didn’t hear anyone ranting about that.

I wonder what his motives are in writing now?

Rick Kasper