LETTERS: Galloping Goose users should announce when approaching from behind

Calling out could avoid mishaps on popular trail, says letter-writer

Re: Goose users must show some respect (Letters, March 29)

The writer of this letter sounds to be knowledgeable about the guidelines of the Galloping Goose Trail, and I think I might have encountered her recently.

I’d like to add a suggestion for her and others who cycle on the Goose as some walkers, particularly seniors, often have hearing difficulties, and many other people wear earbuds.

Ideally, you should announce yourself with a bell or horn when approaching walkers and their dogs from behind, call out clearly when close to, but not immediately behind the person. Even better: announce yourself twice at different distances, particularly if you are a cyclist with a leashed dog running beside you.

Many people, myself included, take our dogs to the Goose so that they can walk off leash, sniff, explore and sometimes play with other dogs.

If I have sufficient warning I can get my dog to my side, and I always leash him if a leashed dog approaches us.

I should add that more cyclists are announcing their presence, which is great, however some use the Goose as a racetrack, which is worrying.

Judith Lindsay