Letters: Horseshsoe pitch has 100’s willing to play

Names of people willing to play horseshoes in Sooke available

In answer to the letter, “Save John Phillips Memorial Park” and “Needs vs. priorities” (Sooke News Mirror, July 2, 2014).

Sooke Horseshoe Pitching Association has 100 people with names and addresses that are willing to play horseshoes. The municipality of Sooke has the list of names as well.

In regard to not having any horseshoes in Colwood. There is horseshoes and they would like to expand further. Also, in regard to the needs vs. priorities, was there a need for a bandstand at Ed Macgregor Park? Is there something wrong with teaching horseshoes to young children in a proper structured horseshoe park?

Also, the land that we would like is one-half acre not one acre.

Tom Bligh