LETTERS: It’s time to stop looking for excuses

LETTERS: It’s time to stop looking for excuses

Re: Proposed fishing restrictions will be devastating: officials

I understand how those involved in the recreational fishery are concerned about possible closures in order to boost salmon numbers so that fish are available to feed the orcas.

But those humans can find alternatives for what they’re doing. The salmon, sea mammals and all the other beleaguered ocean creatures cannot.

Isn’t it about time to stop looking for excuses to justify our destructive behaviours, which on the oceans alone include many activities such as chasing down whales and gill net fishing.

Two years ago, I was a full-time freelance journalist, but online journalism, (which has caused newsroom job losses and reduced rates of pay), forced me to find another occupation.

Is it that hard for people in the fishing and tourism sectors to find other jobs?

Times change. Auto assembly lines once employed many humans, but today robots are building vehicles. Sooke used to have dozens of sawmill jobs, but those positions also disappeared and people rose to the challenge.

I don’t want to live in a world where all that exists are photos and videos of animal life. There comes a point where hard decisions must be made and recreational anglers alone should not be targeted. Politicians need the guts to levy big fines against international fish thieves and scofflaw commercial fishers.

Shannon Moneo