LETTERS: Otter Point Road is not Sooke’s dump

LETTERS: Otter Point Road is not Sooke’s dump

I was walking my dog on Otter Point Road on Oct. 29, when I noticed in plain sight right across from Farmer Drive, a large pile of dumped tree branches and clippings. A little bit up the road, on the same side, another big pile of dumped branches.

Were the dumpers in that much of a hurry, not to get caught dumping in the bush, so they just dumped right there on the side of the road?

Otter Point Road is not the Sooke dump, but everybody seems to think so.

Everywhere you look, there are garden clippings, tree branches and garbage dumped in the ditches all along the road from one end to the other end.

Do you think Mainroad is going to pick this mess up? I don’t think so. It has enough on its plate, picking up dead animals, fixing potholes, and keeping the drains clean of debris and leaves.

So use your heads and stop dumping on Otter Point Road and all other roads that you like to dump on. They are not the dump.

Sure would be nice to see clean ditches and the sides of the roads again.

C.J. Malowney, Sooke