LETTERS: Out-of-town visitors jeopardize community safety

LETTERS: Out-of-town visitors jeopardize community safety

Sitting here on Good Friday, I am heartily disgusted at the evidence of “out of town” travellers plying our roads, islands and ferries at Easter time.

What part of “stay at home” or “close-by to home” do these inconsiderate people not understand?

Not only are they sneering at the government and health officials’ requests but are clearly not understanding how community transmission from asymptomatic carriers can devastate small communities and deplete much-needed supply sources that small communities rely upon.

And these selfish travellers are not just from our province. Both Albertans and British Columbians have outright been urged to not to cross the border between the two provinces.

I am even more dismayed at our own townhouse complex where out-of-province travellers have appeared in the last few days to spend time in their part-time home here in Sidney.

They have driven all the way from Alberta to a complex of townhouses that, even though a 45+ complex, houses many of us well into our senior years. These people are nothing more than thoughtless and insensitive to what havoc they could possibly trigger here and to others throughout their journey to our small town.

Adam Kanczula