Letters: Poor timing for painting

Avoidable closures on Sooke Road should not be during rush hour

Sooke Road was blocked in one lane (alternating) during evening rush hour August 27, 2014. Cars were backed up almost to Gillespie Road.

The reason for the blockage was not a fire, or an accident, or emergency repairs, but to repaint a school crosswalk, which, to my eyes, was perfectly visible prior to repainting, and which perfectly well could have been repainted during low traffic periods.

Whoever authorized this disruption of traffic during rush hour should not be making decisions on behalf of the municipality. I would be happy to know the name of the person who authorized this, and that person’s supervisor.

Beyond that, I wonder if municipal officers are happy with the total disregard for the convenience of citizens, neighbours, and visitors. This kind of mismanagement–and I am quite sure that some drivers would have stronger words–should be punished, and not allowed in the future.

Philip Carl


East Sook