LETTERS: Sooke boardwalk, fine arts, cartoons

LETTERS: Sooke boardwalk, fine arts, cartoons

Fine arts show’s Herculean effort

Yet again the volunteers and staff managed the Herculean job of presenting the Sooke Fine Arts Show. Congratulations to all involved, a top class act that never fails to please.

Barry Whiting


Sooke boardwalk needs more benches

Recently, on a trip to Crofton I took a walk on the boardwalk by the ferry dock.

It is a really nice boardwalk with benches all along, so you can sit and look out over the water.

I wish we had more benches on our boardwalk and one or two also on the way up to Ed Macgregor Park, so those who wanted to could sit, rest and enjoy the scenery, both woodland and shoreline.

How about it?

Judy Planes


Mirror’s cartoons lack humour and relevance

On several occasions I have found that the cartoons in the Sooke news Mirror have been lacking in humour and relevance.

The cartoonists latest submission (Aug. 9) is disgusting and inappropriate content by illustrating Mr. Floatie and our prime minister.

In my view this cartoonist’s presentation has been in bad taste and disrespectful in the extreme as is the Sooke News Mirror in allowing it to go to print.

Ray Mostowy