LETTERS: Sooke needs to go back to its roots

LETTERS: Sooke needs to go back to its roots

I have lived in the Sooke Region for 15 years, enough time to really feel something and care about what is going on in our community. I have been active in many ways, from picking up litter to raising money for charities.

I challenge the younger generation to attend town council meetings and open your voice and stand up for what is good for Sooke. I cannot be quiet anymore.

I’ve seen our once cute little fishing village go quickly down the wrong road. I realize a lot of the town council meetings are filled with elderly and “quiet” resident because otherwise this mess wouldn’t have happened.

Years ago I thought it was funny to see the odd write up in the Sooke News Mirror about a tourist who came and blew their tires on potholes in and around Sooke.

Now, eight years later, the potholes are filled and there are beautiful sidewalks and landscaping. But for who? The marijuana tourist; this is exactly what’s going on.

Did you know that some towns on Vancouver Island won’t allow marijuana stores in their community? There are three marijuana stores in Sooke and another in Otter Point.

I guarantee when I drive through Sooke with my air conditioning on, I’ll be breathing, along with my three children, marijuana fumes.

Let’s get this town back the way it was with the potholes – at least it was under control back then.

See you at the next council meeting.

Tina Acosta Delgado

East Sooke