LETTERS: Sooke Potholes worth protecting from fire

I read the article about the Mount Quimper fire in the Sooke News Mirror on July 12. The human cause of this fire disturbs me.

Yesterday, while on a Sooke Pot Holes trails walk as a parks volunteer with the Capital Regional District, I picked up 31 recent cigarette butts between Crescent Beach and Sand Pebble Beach. They lay on trails strewn with tinder dry pine needles.

Smoking is a serious addiction so it would be unkind to refer to buttheads or suggest kicks in the butt. Perhaps it would be possible for those who are unable to observe the “No Smoking” rule to carry aluminum foil or small glass jars into which they could place their used cigarettes.

The Sooke Potholes may be the closest to paradise that I come. The park is worth preserving by both smokers and non-smokers.

Mark Ziegler

Sooke Resident