LETTERS: Support your local food bank

LETTERS: Support your local food bank

The longer this crisis continues the more the need will be.

So many people and businesses are being hammered financially with many businesses unlikely able to reopen. The food banks are going to need our help more now than at any time that I can remember.

We’re very fortunate. We live in a rich city with many generous people.

Ask yourself a question… would you miss 10 bucks? For a lot of people losing 10 bucks would be their last 10 bucks.

Just think for a minute… if 1,000 Victorians contributed 10 bucks a month… that’s $10,000 a month in new revenue. I know Victoria can do much better than that.

It’s simple and easy to set up a pre-authorized debit or credit arrangement electronically. Call your local food bank, if a lot of us do a little we can do great things.

Bob Broughton