LETTERS: The answer to vandalism - more police

LETTERS: The answer to vandalism – more police

Re: Mansion vandalism disturbing (Our View, Nov. 21)

Sooke government can help protect the old mansion, contrary to your claims of Nov. 21.

It’s called “policing” – and more funding is needed.

Policing has great moral value, it should be priority one for municipalities. I say that such criminals can be interacted with when noticed on the streets, and are likely responsible for other crimes thus investigation collars them earlier and prevents many crimes.

Of course, owners of the building could hire security. But frankly money spent on decrepit old buildings is a waste, it takes away from future generations, who need to be taught ideas.

Old buildings are an example of industriousness and productivity, and often less affluent living conditions, but can be well documented in museums such as Sooke has. The school system fails to educate respect for others.

Keith Sketchley