LETTERS: The squeaky wheel gets the grease

LETTERS: The squeaky wheel gets the grease

People say we need an alternate road to Sooke. Well, we have one. It’s the four-lane; we just need the government to finish it.

It’s only been 40 years when they stopped it, because at the time the government said it ran out of money. It goes straight up the hill where the two lanes start and comes out at Saseenos.

I worked for the Department of Highways in Langford at the time and have seen the plans. Why is the government doing all the window dressing on Sooke Road? Spending millions, it’s still a two-lane road.

I hear they’re going to put a road at the 17 Mile House to cut out the bad corner – another waste.

If we had the four lanes we would have a reduced amount of greenhouse emissions, almost no accidents for hours of hold ups, and less people killed.

Prime Minister Trudeau just dropped $2 billion for transit in B.C. I bet we’re lucky if we only see a goose egg.

There should be lots of money to finish the four lanes to Sooke! We need hundreds of people to get off their butts and email their MLA. It’s the only way these people will listen. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

Gordon Stewart