Letters to the editor – Feb. 17

Weekly letters to the editor from within the Sooke community.

Faded lines a hazard to driving on Gillespie

I and others are very concerned about the faded lines and inadequate reflectors, especially for night driving on Gillespie Road.

I moved out here about a year ago and have had a couple of near off the road accidents.

The road is travelled by many people and needs to be improved for safer night driving.

Does a serious accident have to happen before something is done?

Sooke Road was recently upgraded and is a pleasure to drive on, a job well done. So now let’s get Gillespie Road upgraded, so we can see the lines and reflectors.

Phyllis Gibbs

East Sooke


Little to be gained by second-guessing

Time will tell whether the recent actions of Sooke council will improve the governance issues in our community. After a very slick coup d’etat at city hall, there exists among us, unending angst, and questions regarding arrival of new bodies into key positions, departure of well-liked and respected staff, and debatable hiring practices.

Yes, there are rules concerning what can and what cannot be released to the public. There is also a responsibility of elected persons to address issues of concern to the electorate.

Sooke council failed miserably in their duties by showing no respect for the growing unrest in our community, and thus allowing sides to form as folks tried to sort out gossip from fact.

Hired to solve the problems are CAO Teresa Sullivan and her former business associate Gabryel Joseph, now director of corporate services (a newly designated position).

One word crops up in the press releases for these new employees. The word is “transformation” or variations thereof.

CAO Sullivan was described as bringing a “transformative leadership style” to her new position, while Mr. Joseph is described as “passionate about being a catalyst in both individual and organization transformation.” CAO Sullivan is also quoted as referencing an opportunity to “shape the future of Sooke.” Should members of the community be wary, or will these new powers aim at Sooke council? Watch and wait.

While Sooke council appears to have abdicated their responsibility to the electorate during a time of upheaval, perhaps we should heed the advice we would get from our youngsters, and simply “chill out” at least until the dust settles.

There is little to be gained by trying to second-guess who or what might be transformed, or whether this council will ever exhibit leadership.

On a personal note I would like to express my appreciation to Bonnie Sprinkling for her years of dedication to her community. Bonnie worked extremely hard and was always pleasant and prompt when approached for assistance. From the view of an outsider, she appeared to not only do her own job, but to cover for the series of CAOs who followed the very capable Tom Day. Thank you, Bonnie!

Gail Hall




Kudos go out to Good Samaritan

We would like to express our sincere thank you to the lovely lady that picked up our beloved ( albeit wet ) yellow lab, Maya, in the rain in the middle of Gillespie Road recently

Maya went AWOL after our gate had been inadvertently left open.

The woman was caring enough to stop before our sweet dog suffered any harm.

This lady took the time to note that Maya had a Saseenos Veterinary tag on her collar and transported her there .

It’s just one more act of kindness which Sooke is well known for and one of the many reasons we love to live here.

Michele and Kevin Atchison

East Sooke


Questions must be asked on departures

I have read both side of this issue, ones like Lorne Christensen and others that were posted in what he mentioned as a blog “that masquerades as a news outlet.”

I have only one question for Mr. Christensen and all of the district’s residents to consider: If there is nothing unethical going on in the hiring practices then why are we seeing a significant number of management staff leaving the district?

The recent turnover of management has been great indeed.

Are we not permitted to ask what is the real reason so many have left in such a short period of time?

According to Mr. Christensen the answer is no. We should just accept it and keep quiet.

I think there are some unanswered questions that should be addressed. Keeping silent only reinforces suspicion. Throwing verbal mud towards certain people or groups of people only seals the deal.

Kudos to those that don’t sit by quietly and just accept things as they appear but ask questions. Isn’t that what true democracy is all about?

Sherie Welsford



Otter Point Road in need of fixing

Otter Point Road is falling apart because the District of Sooke won’t grade the shoulders.

To slope the shoulders away from the road it would drain the water away, instead of it pooling. The asphalt is eroding away because the shoulders won’t drain the water.

I have written letters to the editor and been to council meetings to no avail.

This problem costs the town money because of poor maintenance.

The road is starting to look like a patch work quilt.

Also, grading would give a place for people to walk instead of out on the road. It’s just an accident waiting to happen.

The road definitely needs work done to it. Some repair and maintenance maybe a little widening to make it a bit safer.

Are we just going to close the barn door after the horse gets out?

Gordon Stewart