LETTERS: Unprovoked rudeness at restaurant upsetting

LETTERS: Unprovoked rudeness at restaurant upsetting

This letter is to the extremely rude lady and any other person who feels the need to give their opinion to strangers on how children should be raised.

Today while waiting for our bill at a restaurant in Langford, a woman started her rudeness and insensitivity, asking the parents if their child had special needs. The child does not.

She apparently was disturbed by the noise the child was making. He is 21 months old.

She then went on informing the parents that they need to teach this child manners or he would end up working as a carnie or be as ignorant as all of us at the table.

Several times the woman was asked politely to leave our table and to keep her comments to herself as we were not interested in hearing her opinion, but oh no, this woman had something to say and by golly she was going to say it. So on and on she blathered. There was no stopping her.

This little boy was laughing and having fun with his father who had recently returned from his deployment of seven months overseas with the Canadian Armed Forces.

This action was unprovoked and unsolicited. Why do some people think this behaviour is OK? If these parents had wanted this woman’s opinion or insight they would have asked for it. The father remained calm and asked this lady if she felt better. She finally left us alone.

These comments were upsetting to all of us at the table and I would like to say that if you don’t want to have a meal at a restaurant that serves the children’s meals in a pirate ship perhaps you should rethink your choice of venue. Also, if you cannot control yourself with your negative comments, maybe you should stay home.

Marilyn Woodrow