LETTERS: Wreaths bought out of respect

LETTERS: Wreaths bought out of respect

Re: Businesses laying wreaths unseemly (Letters, Nov. 14)

Regarding the reader from Otter Point who provided an opinion about why businesses in Sooke participate in the Royal Canadian Legion’s Remembrance Day ceremonies, the answer is rather simple – because we’ve been asked.

I have willingly, for over 25 years, said “yes” when veterans show up at my office and ask for support for their poppy fund.

I dare say that every other business in Sooke, who the local legion members faithfully approach year after year, also pull out their cheque book out of the same deep respect that we all have for the service that they have given our country in various capacities.

While the reader suggests that advertising is the root cause for our support, I would offer that turning our backs on the goals of the poppy fund would be heartless and cruel, as well as disrespectful.

Perhaps the dear reader should instead be asking “why not?” when discussing the matter with friends from out of town. I think they could well benefit from a lesson on how we do it in Sooke.

Chris Bryant