LETTER: Lions plan will enhance John Phillips Memorial Park


The John Phillips Memorial Park property has always been so aesthetically pleasing in the valley as you look toward the former first and second fairways. But in such property, some areas are much more beautiful than others.

The “wings” (one of which we sold for Sooke Municipal Hall and the other the area under consideration for the Sooke Lions Club) are always dry, arid and unattractive for use. Even now, few people use the site.

The park is not undisturbed land. Originally started as a farm, then repurposed for a golf course with at least three owners, the land has been mown, sawed, fertilized, and who knows what else.

The pond is man-made. It used to be much smaller, with a dirt island in the middle inhabited by geese. At times, the property has been broom fields and an eyesore in the middle of town.

What I see the Lions structure doing:

1. Provide badly needed parking, especially for the disabled.

2. Provide a locus and focus for events, hopefully with outdoor toilet access.

3. Provide an emergency gathering point in the case of an earthquake or disaster.

4. Provide disabled-access meeting rooms for service clubs, which do not have any spot to gather at the moment.

5. It allows the district to enhance the access to the park again with parking. The more people accessing the park means many may also go for a walk or wheel on the paths.

This is an opportunity for the district to think about attracting folks from the parking lot to the park. I think looking at garden amenities would be very cool.

I also would like to suggest that the district and SEAPARC partner with service clubs to build a fitness circuit so you can exercise.

Randy Welters


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