Mansion vandalism and affordability

Mansion vandalism and affordability

Re: Vandalism rocks historic mansion (News, Nov. 21)

The question of why someone would vandalize this mansion may have something to do with that a large percentage of people born in Canada can never hope to own a house like that, or any house. They see a foreign person who does not live here owning 30 acres of prime waterfront property that’s out of reach to the average person who has grown up here.

It may be frustration, envy or a myriad of other feelings that lead to this destructive behaviour. Is it understandable why they do this? Yes.

Is it understandable why a foreign person would buy waterfront property as an investment and not upkeep the property or consider the impact on neighbors of having a derelict residence in the area? That one I can not figure out.

Linda Gordon


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