Memories of Halloween past

Early year of trick-or-treat brings back fond memorpes for reader

Memories of Halloween past

Retirement affords one the time to reflect on past actions and experiences. This reflection is often initiated by what happened in the past at that particular time of year.

In this case, some 65 years ago, I was as excited to go out to trick-or-treat as any eight year old is today.

Then, as it probably still is today, the Halloween grapevine worked wonders in informing where the best treats were to be had.

Word quickly spread that the lady in the big house was giving everyone a dime instead of candied apples, fudge, or oranges. Naturally that treat drew me there like a magnet.

I knew that with a dime a bottle of Orange Crush and three cents of penny candy could be bought. Nine jawbreakers and a pop was a real treat, and if I brought the bottle back another penny worth of candy could be had.

Our costumes were as varied as an imagination could make them, no bought ones that you saw on TV because there was no TV.

In reflection, I enjoyed those early years of trick-or treat as it brings back fond memories. I hope that the eager and happy young ones that came to our door on Halloween can look back 65 years from now and say what fun they had and embrace all the “new stuff” that they are as sure to see from their past as I have from mine.

Mike Thomas


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