No need for a memorial wall at Whiffin Spit

Reader says money could be better spent

No need for a memorial wall at Whiffin Spit

Councillors delay vote on memorial wall (News, June 4)

I don’t get it, and I’m sure I am not the only one.

Why do we need a memorial wall at Whiffin Spit Park, and why would we be willing to spend $33,500 on such a thing, especially when, in most cases, something like this will always come in at a higher price?

Two committees, three councils and God only knows how many staff hours spent in preparing a report for council to vote on or not vote on a memorial wall. Let’s add up those staff hours and present it to council.

It seems that in times like today when so many are suffering due to Covid-19 with loss of income, employment, relationships, homes and even in some cases their lives, we need to rethink where our tax dollars are spent.

Here’s a crazy idea: we go and spend some money buying a half dozen more benches or picnic tables for placement on the Spit and if you want to have a memorial plaque placed on a bench we can do that. Sounds pretty simple and more importantly cost effective.

Come on council, let’s get this right.

Murray Lambert


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