Now’s the time to dig into the issues

Now’s the time to dig into the issues

The municipal elections are coming. Now how about some real dialogue about what’s important to Sooke?


Is it automatically assumed further growth for Sooke is a good thing? Who says? More traffic? More housing squeezed into shoehorn lot spaces? More blasting of subdivisions on gravel beds?

You would have to be very dewey-eyed indeed not to notice the amount of vandalism and vagrant traffic and graffiti now marring our community.

We first moved to Sooke in 1977 and returned to live here four years ago to enjoy a village style.

What we have returned to is a miss-mash of promoters and developers pushing the local agenda.

Are the almost daily crashes on Highway 14 not an indication of the fact that this can’t go on?

I’m looking forward to any politician to address the obvious concerns in the coming days, and enough of the usual spin and platitudes.

Andy Neimers