OCP must address ‘reality’ over climate change

Development a key issue, says reader

OCP must address ‘reality’ over climate change

Re: Council urged to address OCP through climate lens (News, Sept. 24)

Unlike Susan Belford, I would urge that Sooke’s OCP address “reality” rather than supposedly human-made “climate change” as a priority. Things like the unrelenting building of new subdivisions in Sooke, which place dozens and dozens of houses with only one way to access the main road. Things like new subdivisions and developments imposing and overshadowing previous housing. Things like the proposal of a large development on now farmland at Waddam’s Way and Church Road, which would spill all of its traffic onto Church Road.

And how about the Highway 14 “only one way in/one way out” problem?

If you want a serious challenge to our way of life, then the plastics polluting our oceans and waterways are a serious concern.

As for climate, until Susan Belford and her ilk can explain away the 11.2-year solar cycle, and explain the phenomenon of the decades-long Maunder Minimum, and the fact that Canada has more than enough Boreal forests to absorb all the carbon dioxide that Canadians produce every day, one is playing games with reality.

Andy Neimers




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