Philosophical differences not surprising

Philosophical differences not surprising

Re: Crime victims left in the lurch (Letters, April 18)

The “philosophical differences” between RCMP and Sooke Transition House does not surprise me. In fact, this is scratching the surface of what goes on in this organization.

The Sooke Transition House had “philosophical differences” with many people including many former staff who were either fired without cause or bullied until they quit. I am one who quit. Any suggestions are taken as criticism and asking questions makes management visibly nervous.

With management, it is their way or the highway.

New management and board of directors in this organization would do wonders for the community it purports to serve.

We do this work to help women, but we are kept from doing it by the management. This area really needs a Transition House that truly serves women and children who have experienced abuse.

Mary Morrison, Sooke