Recreation important part of life


Re: It will be a long winter but hope for the spring (Our View, Dec. 17)

SEAPARC is a crucial part of the Sooke community’s pandemic response.

The partial opening of the recreation centre a short time ago has limited programs and use of the gym and pool .

I am writing to commend the remarkable dedication in maintaining hygiene, mask use and respect for COVID 19 rules set by Dr. Bonnie Henry.

My main hope now is that the partial opening will be just the beginning of a full return to service at SEAPARC.

I’ve had reason to praise SEAPARC for many years. I became disabled in 1999. I came to Sooke 15 years ago and began to attend classes like Easy Fit and Yoga for the Ageing Body. Pool Aquafit classes were very useful as well. Water rehab has enabled me to maintain some mobility.

For many years, I lived in a country where underprivileged children in urban areas usually had very little access to swimming pools where they could learn to swim. In Canada, a very privileged country, we pay taxes to make sure that services like recreation centres are provided to the general public.

Knowing how to swim from an early age should be a human right. All children should have access to free swimming lessons. I understand that the Life Pass offers partial discounts on swimming lessons.

I learned how to swim at age four as did all the kids I knew. When we knew how to swim, our parents let us be free to explore the world around us.

Veronica Diment


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