Reporter lauded for cyberbulling story

Reporter lauded for cyberbulling story

Reader says Sooke needs to end cyberbully plague

Re: Cyberbullying response raises concerns in Sooke (News, March 13)

Thank you Tim Collins for your courageous article on cyberbullying.

I believe this is not the first time the Sooke News Mirror has attempted to raise awareness to the cowardly way the perpetrator preens his ego without regard for the victim and family.

Both this article and the previous one were met with indifference at Edward Milne community school.

As you so clearly made the public aware, rules are in place to handle this behaviour and University of Victoria professor Bonnie Leadbeater’s studies support it.

That the victim, in this case a “straight A student” at EMCS, was not given support immediately is appalling.

It’s given that the offender and his pals need counselling but not at the sacrifice of this fine young teen.

So Sooke folks, let’s make our voices heard. Support this brave reporter and just maybe in our town we will be free of the cyberbullying plague.

Pheobe Hayes