Series needed more info on boxing risks

Series needed more info on boxing risks

Re: Dear Dawn: A letter to my former self (Sports, May 9)

Kudos to Dawn Gibson for sharing her inspiring journey into the world of self defence, and the confidence that comes with it.

A little more ink on the risks of boxing would would be greatly appreciated.

A post-mortem electron microscopy is no way to find out the limitations of self-induced brain trauma.

With neurology the hottest thing since the space race, preventative neuro-degeneration is all the rage today given out nascent ability to reverse most damage.

Be it demyelination of the fatty insulation on neurons essential for neural signaling or damaged nerve fibres essential for absorbing the day to day shifting of your 100 million neurons and trillion or so synapses, not even Siri has the answers to those problems yet.

Brad Harris