Smart meter concerns


I am appalled at our government’s decision to permit BC Hydro to install Smart Meters on our homes and businesses, without our permission.

There is mounting evidence that the Smart Meter’s information-carrying radio waves, transmitting 24/7, will effectively blanket homes and neighbourhoods with radiation that could adversely affect not just humans but all living systems. In particular, these meters have the potential to affect not only electrohypersensitive persons, but children and pregnant women, persons with medical conditions such as heart arrhythmia, those with compromised immune systems, and others who rely on medical and/or metal implants or equipment.

In addition to health concerns, Smart Meters bring with them questions about fire and security hazards.

Please join me in refusing to permit installation of a Smart Meter on your premises. Visit this website for more information on how to notify BC Hydro of your refusal:

Gail Gingras