Spirit of true faith provides altruistic purpose

Spirit of true faith provides altruistic purpose

Reader says compassion will inspire community to become a haven of tolerance, respect ,and unity.

I was grieved to read Pastor’s Pen in the May 15 Sooke News Mirror that the St. Rose of Lima Church was recently desecrated with hateful graffiti.

It’s disappointing that such religious prejudice is also infecting some people in our community.

As with all prejudices, it cannot be overcome by technology, laws, or regulations; it requires a fundamental reorientation of heart and moral conscience among individuals throughout our community and beyond.

We are inundated in the media with negative news of religious extremism and serious abuses by individuals in religious institutions. But far too little is reported on the positive role played by people of faith in the progress, peace and development of our society, both locally and globally.

It has been my experience that the essential moral teachings of religions instill in their genuine adherents a moral consciousness that is a most effective means for preventing criminal acts and immoral behaviour, and eliminating prejudices of all kinds.

The spirit of true faith provides an altruistic purpose, a purity of motive and the will to act to contribute towards the lasting advancement of our community and our world.

I hope that the Charter for Compassion that has been signed by the municipal counsellors and the mayor and others throughout the community as well as other awareness building activities will inspire our community to become a haven of tolerance, respect and unity.

Don Brown, Sooke