‘Twas the Night before Christmas - Sooke edition

‘Twas the Night before Christmas – Sooke edition

With apologies to Clement Clarke Moore

Twas the night before Christmas, and Sooke was asleep,

Not a soul was outraged. No, not one made a peep.

So Council could rest, lie back and relax.

Put out of their brains the piles and the stacks,

Of issues they’d face when the new year began,

Making them question why they ever ran.

Al Beddows was nestled, all snug in his bed,

A smile on his face, sleep cap on his head,

He dreamed all the dreams that come with the season,

Of goodies and and fun a wee bit of teasin’.

Megan, of course, slept a sleep, oh so peaceful,

Knowing next morning that she’d be so gleeful.

Megan, you see, knew that Santa existed

And her actions assured that she’d been nice-listed.

The Bateman homestead shone bright in the night,

Jeff had set up the tree and he’d lit every light,

But he’d fallen asleep, (and this may seem strange),

Still reading some background on an issue of change.

And Ebony snoozed in her soft Christmas bed

Her stylish sleep kerchief atop of her head,

Her dreams mixed up sugarplums, and Christmas creations

With questions about even more Sooke pot locations.

And Dana lay back with a grin on his visage,

Well-knowing that Santa had gotten his message,

His gift had came early (in Sooke’s byelection),

When three votes his way locked in the selection.

Of course our friend Tony was sure that the season,

Would reward his always calm, cool voice of reason.

He’d find his long stocking in bulging condition,

Filled with Sooke Farmers Monthly, the December edition.

As for dear Maja, Sooke’s own darling mayor,

She knew that the season offered nothing to fear.

Her wee one was tucked away warm in his bed,

And his morning smile would leave nothing unsaid.

It was Christmas in Sooke, and each politician,

Would join with the folks in this town of transition,

To set aside strife, let their dreams all take flight,

To say Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.