Wadams Way a better place for exits

Wadams Way a better place for exits

Re: Proposed development of Wadams farm land

It’s upsetting Sooke council arbitrarily zoned Church Road as the entrance and exit to the proposed Wadams farm land development.

According to a man at the council presentation, he stated this decision was based on an independent feasibility study by a person that doesn’t reside in Sooke.

So why would this person care, they don’t live on Church Road, nor do they have vested interest in this town. There was no consideration given to the residents of Church Road.

We bought property here for the very reason there was no housing across the street. It was zoned agricultural land.

This developer has no idea of the volume of traffic on Church Road. Every morning the traffic is backed up from the light at Sooke Road down to and beyond Throup Road. There is a lot more traffic on Church Road than there is on Wadams Way which one of the presentation people tried to tell us was a major thoroughfare.

It is a four-block stretch of road which makes it a secondary road.

The four roads leading to this four-block stretch are much more major thoroughfares than Wadams Way, the entrance and exit should be off that road.

There is only one major route in Sooke and that is Highway 14.

The entrance and exit should be on Wadams Way where there is nothing across the street to hinder those entering or exiting of that development.

Barb Norton, Sooke