We are all in this together

Reader impressed how community has stepped up to help during coronavirus crisis

We are all in this together

As I talk to people and various charities and volunteer groups throughout the community, I am incredibly impressed by how individuals and groups have stepped up to help their friends, neighbours and anyone in need throughout the community during the pandemic.

It confirms to me that Sooke is a compassionate community – kudos to everyone.

Especially significant is the temporary shelter for unhoused individuals at SEAPARC.

It is much more than a temporary shelter as a number of organizations and professionals are coming together to work with the individuals to meet their needs for moving ahead with their lives.

Unfortunately, there were some negative incidents there from people driving by the facility as well as some nasty comments on social media.

We can just ignore these issues and rationalize there will be some antagonism in every community.

But I think the people voicing their opposition really need some compassionate assistance to help allay their concerns. We will be facing hardships for some time to come, we are all in this together which means everyone.

Don Brown



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