We are not Sooke’s second dump

We are not Sooke’s second dump

To whom it may concern: Thank you for disposing your wild animal’s internal organs on my property.

My dogs got into it and are very sick. I am sick and tired of people doing this, and now I have to spend who knows how much at for medication to stop my dogs from vomiting.

On Sept. 9, at about 8 a.m., I started to walk my dog down Farmer Drive, when I turned around I heard a vehicle and noticed a full-size, four-door black truck coming down the road.

Later that morning, I went out for about half an hour, and when I returned home, I thought that I would go up Farmer Drive to have a look around to see if anybody has dumped anything lately.

Well, what a surprise.

When I got to the top of Tregear Road, which connects to Farmer Drive, I saw my neighbors dog licking something red. It was an organ of some wild animal.

I took a closer look around and beyond this organ there was the stomach, intestines, and other organs that were dumped in the ditch. There was also a chunk of white fur or hair with a little stub of a tail attached to this chunk of fur in with the organs.

I notified my neighbor and we both went and picked up these organs and put them in a garbage bag ready for pick up.

If you’re that ignorant that you can’t take this to the dump and dispose of it the proper way, then you might want to think twice about whose property your dumping it on.

We are not the second dump of Sooke.

CJ Malowney