Why I’m voting PR

Why I’m voting PR

I used to be opposed to proportional representation – that was before I lived year after year under governments elected by a minority of the population.

If two parties on one side of the political spectrum, and only one party on the other, the two parties split the vote on their side and the side with only one party tends to get elected.

In B.C., that has meant a string of right-of-center governments, although despite the fact that a majority of the electorate voted for left-of centre parties.

In Alberta it’s the opposite: there’s a clear majority of right-of-centre voters there, but because there were two parties on that side in the last election, the province got a left-of-centre government.

Proportional representation would make sure that a majority of the electorate gets a government closer to what they want.

I still have questions about PR, but it seems to work in much of Europe. Minority governments can be unstable. A small radical party might gain too much power. Minority government might prevent a government from taking necessary drastic action of some kind.

But I’m willing to take these small chances and try PR for a couple of elections. It’s better than continuing to get governments that do not actually represent the opinions of the electorate.

Greg Whincup



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