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River Rats beat the odds in game against Cowichan

  • Jan. 22, 2019 10:00 a.m.

The Sooke River Rats came up big against a formidable foe on Saturday – and won.

The local under-13 girls soccer squad beat Cowichan by a 2-0 score.

Playing with only seven players (normally eight at this level) the River Rats overcame adversity and cold winter weather to dominate a full strength Cowichan side on the road.

The Cowichan team started off strong with attacks into the Sooke end but were pushed back each time.

The River Rats, once they got their rhythm, turned the tables and dominated the play into the Cowichan end.

Two goals from Shay Quinn-Young sealed the deal and then the River Rats concentrated on defense the rest of the game.

The coaching staff said it received outstanding effort from every girl and a best game of the year for Sophia Jonassen and Gemma Desjardins, who shut down the Cowichan offence at every turn.

The Cowichan team was visibly frustrated with a game they thought they had in the bag, being full strength and with multiple subs. They underestimated the constitution of Sooke’s hungriest team.

The River Rats play at under 13 but most of the players are actually 11 and one is only 10.

The Sooke Girls under 13 team almost folded before it began, as there were only four girls aged 12 to form this team at the season’s start.

Coaches Dennis Price and Hillary Childs were able to get this team built by enlisting girls to fill out the roster and reform the River Rats.

The win puts the River Rats in second place in their 11-team division.


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