Sooke baseball player chosen to play in international tournament

Sooke baseball player chosen to play in international tournament

“He lives and breathes baseball. If he had it his way he would play seven days a week.”

Dawn Gibson

Sooke News Mirror

Sooke baseball player Brad Cox is getting a chance to show off his skills at an international level, as he has been selected to compete in a tournament in North Carolina next month.

“He lives and breathes baseball,” said Heather Medwedrich, Cox’s mother. “If he had it his way he would play seven days a week.”

The tournament runs from Sept. 14 to 19 in Raleigh, and is a tournament for players to showcase their skills in front of college scouts. Cox’s team will be competing against two other prospect teams, as well as four college teams while there.

“I am a little nervous but once I get there and start playing it will be just like playing a normal game,” said Cox. “I think I know some of the guys I’ll be playing with too, so that will be fun.”

Cox, 16, began playing ball 12 years ago and has no plans of stopping. He started out playing fastball but decided to switch over to baseball because there are more opportunities for him to play at a higher level.

“I’m excited to see what I’ll have to work on to get up to the level the college guys are at,” he said. “But I’m just going to work hard and show the college coaches that I will work for what I want.”

Cox is currently playing with the Victoria Junior Premiere Eagles, and hopes to play for the Victoria Premiere Eagles team next year.

“I also switched because my dad used to play hardball,” said Cox.

Though Cox has not had any formal practices with the team yet, he frequently practices on his own time with the help of his father.

“He bugs me to practice with him constantly, he has such a passion for the sport,” said Chris Cox,

Cox’s father.

Chris Cox said he is excited for his son to be able to compete against national junior teams, and to see where he stands against the other players in the tournament.

“I’m very happy with the way Victoria baseball is going. It’s giving all the kids who have a passion a stepping stone to make it far in the sport.”

Cox said the tournament is important to him because it will give him a chance to receive a scholarship to college.

“My main goal is to be able to go to school, while also being able to play the sport I love,” he said.