Sooke gives disc golf a toss

Sooke gives disc golf a toss

Over 50 people attended the free event at John Phillips Park on Saturday

If you spotted a bunch of flying saucers in the sky on Saturday, do not panic.

Although it may have seemed like Sooke was under an alien invasion, there is a much simpler explanation for all the floating discs.

The South Island Disc Golf Society (SIDGS) hosted a crash course on May 12 at John Phillips Park for people to go and give disc golf a try.

“Our goal was to raise awareness around the sport and to get more people involved,” said Sooke resident Dan MacDonald, president of the SIDGS. “The day went really well. The sun was shining and the locals were so enthusiastic.”

MacDonald added he was surprised at how many people brought their own discs.

“It was like the event brought all these disc golf players out from hiding,” MacDonald chuckled. “Many people mentioned that they love disc golf but don’t have a place to play it.”

The game is played similarly to the popular pastime, golf, but instead of using a ball and club to shoot at a hole, Frisbees are used to shoot at targets or baskets.

“You can get very creative with how you play, when I was young we used parts of an old washing machine to aim at,” said MacDonald. “It’s a game that you can play anywhere, even in your own back yard.”

The event ran from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and approximately 60 people attended.

MacDonald explained that there aren’t many disc golf courses in Greater Victoria, so the more popular the sport gets, the more likely communities will create courses.

He has been playing for around 30 years, and says it is an excellent way to get outside and socialize.

“I play all the time with friends and family, it’s a lot of fun and I love being out in the fresh air,” said MacDonald.

The free event also served as a food drive; MacDonald noted that two large boxes of non-perishable food, as well as $60 cash were donated to the Sooke Food Bank.

He hopes to set up a similar event in Sooke in August this year to keep the momentum going around the sport.

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