The DeMamiel Creek Golf Course opens for theseason April 26.

The DeMamiel Creek Golf Course opens for theseason April 26.

Sooke golf course tees off for the season on April 26

If you are itching to pull out those clubs, SEAPARC has good news for you: the DeMamiel Creek Golf Course opens for the season April 26.

It will be the first full season for the golf course under the tutelage of SEAPARC. Last year SEAPARC ran a shortened three-month season.

And while the golf club didn’t break even (it reported a $15,000 deficit), there’s hope that will turn around this year with a season that runs from April to October.

“We want to see as many people as possible golfing.” said SEAPARC manager Steve Knoke, noting more than 1,800 golfers went through the turnstiles at the course in 2016.

“The goal for 2017 will be to continue increasing attendance.”

Several popular promotions will return to the golf course this year including Seniors Day every Monday and Wednesday and Friday Family Nights.

SEAPARC will also offer clinics, a children’s golf camp, summer tournament, and local schools will be taking part in exploratory golf programs

“We would love to see the community take advantage of this great local amenity by hosting tournaments, whether for a company or family events,” Knoke said.

SEAPARC now offers three payment options: at SEAPARC, over the phone, or at the course.

SEAPARC bought the privately-owned DeMamiel Creek Golf Course last year for $1 million, with a plan to use the 10 hectares of land to develop future playing fields, but until those fields were needed and to recoup some costs, the recreation commission decided to operate the golf course.

“I don’t see a burning demand for any new playing fields right now,” said Mike Hicks SEAPARC chairman and the Capital Regional District director for the Juan de Fuca Area.

“We bought the golf course as a long-term investment for the JdF and Sooke. If and when we need more fields that’s where we’ll look to. In the meantime, we’re going to run [the golf course] the best we possible can. We’ve got hundreds of people that just love to go out golfing there.”


Sooke and Juan de Fuca residents voted in favour of SEAPARC buying the lands that occupy the DeMamiel Creek Golf Course, with the long-term vision of using it for future playing fields.

The idea of developing those lands for sports fields is still “years away,” said Mike Hicks SEAPARC chair and the Capital Regional District director for the Juan de Fuca Electoral Area.

And SEAPARC hasn’t created a plan on how those field will be developed in the future.

“DeMamiel Creek will remain a golf course until there is a demand,” Hicks said.

The Sooke area has 11 playing fields, and an artificial turf field is being built this spring at Fred Milne Park.

“The artificial playing field will be answer to lot of community needs and fill the gaps that are needed,” Hicks said