Red Hat Sooke Sirens mark No. 13

The Red Hat Sooke Sirens mark 13th anniversary with a special celebration

Queen Mum Marion Hutchinson, left , Queen Cheryl Asham, and Dowager Queen Jane House are the royalty of the Red Hat Sooke Sirens. (Contributed)

The Red Hat Sooke Sirens marked their 13th anniversary with a special celebration on May 31.

Jenny Joseph wrote a poem which began: “When I am an old woman I shall wear purple, with a red hat that doesn’t go” and then told the story of all the things she is now going to do for the first time.

The club’s motto is: “We have raised our husbands and children; now it is our turn, so in our purple dresses and red hats and lots of bling, we set out to enjoy our events.”

Red Hat Sooke Sirens was started by Jane House shortly after moving to Sooke in 2004.

House moved to the Okanagan in 2010 and the reign was passed down to Marion Hutchinson, who is now the Queen Mom, and at the group’s birthday party a coronation was held crowning Cheryl Asham as queen, Carol Pinalski as vice queen and Lucille Barfield, treasure chest

Over the years, the club has produced calendars with proceeds donated to the Sooke Seniors Drop-In Center and the Sooke Seniors Bus.

The club membership sits at 24 and is open to women who want to join in on the “fun and frolic.”

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