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Camas Day returns to Oak Bay park with fanfare, learning opportunities

Purple field flower a hallmark of rare Garry oak ecosystem
Experiencing the park in bloom is a reason to celebrate, say the Friends of Uplands Park, who are hosting Camas Day on May 1. (Photo by Britt Swoveland)

As fields of purple bloom across Uplands Park, so too does the annual celebration of camas.

Friends of Uplands Park Society invites residents to enjoy the camas meadows at the peak of their beauty alongside other natural wonders and man-made fun including music, food and learning.

The society hosts its annual Camas Day on May 1 from noon to 3 p.m. Local band Bald Eagles performs as visitors enjoy botanist-guided wildflower walks through the various ecosystems of the park as well as other activities.

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Partner community associations who work in various aspects of environmental conservation will join the event with displays and representatives to share the importance of their work and educate visitors.

Groups showcasing their work include Habitat Acquisition Trust, Victoria Natural History Society, Satinflower Nurseries, Garry Oak Meadow Preservation Society, Friends of Victoria Migratory Bird Sanctuary, Naturehood Greater Victoria, Native Bee Society of BC, Friends of Bowker Creek and Swan Lake Nature Centre.

The Friends of Uplands Park also hosts No Ivy League weekly sprees, where volunteers remove carpet burweed, Daphne and English ivy each Sunday from 1 to 3 p.m. through May. Those looking to help can meet at the marine kiosk at Cattle Point.

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