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Colwood makes new park stairs paw-friendly

Latoria Creek Park stairs now have extra plates on each step to make it easier for small dogs to use

The City of Colwood recently made the stairs at Latoria Creek Park more pet-friendly and invited the community’s four-legged residents to take it for a spin.

The long staircases in the park were replaced and upgraded in early 2021, but the city said it started receiving feedback from park users saying smaller dogs had difficulty using them as the steps had holes in them.

In order to ensure the park was as accessible as possible, the city decided to add solid plating on one side of the staircases to make it easier for all furry friends.

The city started the stair replacement project after a 2018 inspection revealed the previous sets’ supporting structure was becoming compromised.

The new sets were designed differently to make them safer and longer-lasting, a previous press release said. Smooth metal railings were used to avoid splinters, slip-proof metal steps were used instead of the old wood and the entire staircase was built higher off the ground to make them longer-lasting in the wet environment.

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